Throwing a Galentine's Day party? Here's 20 ideas for celebrating your besties (2024)

Christmas is great, Halloween is fun, and New Year’s Eve is overrated (we said what we said). But there's nothing better than getting all your BFFs together for a night filled with laughter, a bit of tea-spilling, bottles and bottles of vino, and endless amounts of food (of the junk variety, preferably).

Just ask the ultimate best friend: Leslie Knope of Parks and Recreation, who first put Galentine's Day on the map. Yup, that’s right— Galentine's Day, typically celebrated on 13th February, was created by your fave fictional television character (during season 2, episode 16, for inquiring minds) and is your chance to celebrate your closest BFFs.

And if you’re still stressing out about how to pull off a TikTok worthy Galentine's not fret, my friend! All you gotta do is drop a message in the group chat and let them know they’re absolutely booked on the 13th, which is a Tuesday this year BTW, and we'll do all the heavy lifting for you.

Scroll down for a list of 20 fun and cute Galentine’s Day party ideas that you can totally pull off, no matter your creativity level. Try your hand at a few (or a lot!), and get ready to feel the love. We'll be waiting our invitations!

1.Commit to the theme

      Throwing a Galentine's Day party? Here's 20 ideas for celebrating your besties (1)

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      Throwing a Galentine's Day party? Here's 20 ideas for celebrating your besties (2)

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      Throwing a Galentine's Day party? Here's 20 ideas for celebrating your besties (3)

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      Throwing a Galentine's Day party? Here's 20 ideas for celebrating your besties (4)

      ASOS DESIGN Love Sucks Baby Tee

      Look if you're going to do a Galentine's Day party, you need to do it right. If you and your gals love a theme as much we do, sync up and dress for the occasion. Maybe you wanna go the traditional route and stick with a red and pink colour scheme. Or maybe you wanna don matching pyjamas for a comfy night in. Whatever it may be, just make sure to get a group pic before the end of the night.

      2. Set the table

      Flowers, candles, place settings...need we go on? If you're having your girls over for dinner/drinks/movie night, the table naturally also needs to also be on theme.

      3. Make fondue

      Andrew James Fondue Set for Cheese or Chocolate

      Throwing a Galentine's Day party? Here's 20 ideas for celebrating your besties (9)

      Andrew James Fondue Set for Cheese or Chocolate

      Ah, the ultimate crowd-pleaser: cheese. Our mouths are watering just thinking about it. If that’s not your vibe (or, you know, you're lactose intolerant), try melting some chocolate instead. Either way, this fondue set will be a smashing success at your Galentine’s get-together.

      4. Plan a my favourite things product swap

      If you've been on Tiktok in the past, I don't know, three years, you've def seen a "my favourite things" swap. Basically, everyone brings a few products they can't live without, and then shares with the group. You'll leave with a few things you're hyped to try, and the excitement of hearing what your friends think of your picks.

      5. Pick a signature co*cktail

      Neialla 9-Piece co*cktail Shaker

      Throwing a Galentine's Day party? Here's 20 ideas for celebrating your besties (10)

      Neialla 9-Piece co*cktail Shaker

      We love a theme over here, which is why we have an entire (v extensive) list of cute Valentine's Day co*cktails ready for your perusal, which you can totally repurpose for the 13th. Pick your fave and prepare a batch ahead of time so you have a signature drink to serve throughout the night.

      6. Invest in (themed, duh) balloons

      Fangleland Galentines Day Party Decorations

      Throwing a Galentine's Day party? Here's 20 ideas for celebrating your besties (11)

      Fangleland Galentines Day Party Decorations

      Blow these babies up and tape them on a blank wall for a great photo backdrop! Your feed won't know what hit it.

      7. Make personalised goodie bags

      If your love language is gift-giving, then you’ll be all over this. Grab some festive bags (totes are the best option, imho, because they’re easy to reuse!) and fill them up with things your friends like! Try to add personalised items you know each friend will be obsessed with to show them how much you care and listen.

      8. Host an at-home mani-pedi night

      Sure, you could pay a small mortgage at a nail salon for a mediocre time in which you might not even get to sit next to each other. Or! You could each pitch in just a few quid to get a quality gel manicure kit that you can use at someone’s house (where you can share all the gossip undisturbed).

      9. Have a bake-off

      Prima Set Of 2 Heart Shaped Cake Tins

      Throwing a Galentine's Day party? Here's 20 ideas for celebrating your besties (12)

      Prima Set Of 2 Heart Shaped Cake Tins

      There’s nothing like a friendly competition where everybody technically wins! (Unless you’re REALLY not good in the kitchen, lol.) Pick a recipe and see who makes the best-looking, best-tasting version of it. How cute would a heart-shaped cake be, though?!

      10. Do a paint-and-sip night

      MEEDEN Acrylic Painting Kit with Wood Table Easel

      Throwing a Galentine's Day party? Here's 20 ideas for celebrating your besties (13)

      MEEDEN Acrylic Painting Kit with Wood Table Easel

      They're all over TikTok, so why not give it a go this Galentine's Day? Grab a bottle of your fave boozy drink, some paint supplies, and an image of something to replicate with your brush. Maybe something you all love, like a pizza? Or a portrait of Timmy Chalamet? Get creative!

      11. Brunch. It. Up.

      Global Gizmos Heart Shaped Waffle Maker

      Throwing a Galentine's Day party? Here's 20 ideas for celebrating your besties (14)

      Global Gizmos Heart Shaped Waffle Maker

      There’s nothing like breakfast food and prosecco (with a dash of OJ in) at 12:30 p.m. to get the gals feeling fine. Celebrate one of the most love-filled holidays with some heart-shaped waffles or pancakes, plus eggs, bacon, bagels, croissants, muffins, and whatever other morning treats your pals prefer. Pro tip: If you wanna go the extra mile, throw all le foods on a charcuterie platter and voilà! An Insta Story-worthy brunch board.

      12. Get some karaoke mics

      Ankuka Karaoke Wireless Microphone

      Throwing a Galentine's Day party? Here's 20 ideas for celebrating your besties (15)

      Ankuka Karaoke Wireless Microphone

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      Fulfil your girl group dreams by jamming out to some of your favourite tunes with your BFFs. All you’ll need are some fun karaoke mics, a YouTube video with lyrics, and a hyped-up audience.

      13. Assign everyone a Secret Cupid

      It’s like Secret Santa, but for G-Day. Everyone picks a name out of a hat and shows up to the party with a gift. As we've only just gone past the festive season, maybe stick to a lower budget so it's easier for everyone to get involved.

      14. Just do all the face masks.

      Peter Thomas Roth Water Drench Hyaluronic Cloud Mask

      Throwing a Galentine's Day party? Here's 20 ideas for celebrating your besties (16)

      Peter Thomas Roth Water Drench Hyaluronic Cloud Mask

      If spilling hot goss with a mask plastered to your face is wrong, I don’t want to be right. Everyone can choose whichever kind they like, but I HIGHLY recommend this one, which will leave your face feeling hydrated as hell.

      15. Play a game

      Let's Drink To That Drinking Card Game

      Throwing a Galentine's Day party? Here's 20 ideas for celebrating your besties (17)

      Let's Drink To That Drinking Card Game

      While having a good catch-up is essential, elevate your Galentine's Day Party with a classic game. Either pick one of favourites here, or invest in this card pack, which is guaranteed to bring the laughs all night long.

      16. Organise a wine swap

      Everybody brings a wrapped bottle and picks a number. Number one picks any bottle, number two can steal that bottle or pick a new one. Repeat until everyone has a bottle. Oh, and only two steals are allowed per bottle. Everyone goes home with some vino they're excited to try—if you don’t pop them open before the night’s over, that is.

      17. Watch a classic

      If ya wanna stay on brand, stream a movie about friendship. May we suggest Booksmart or The Cheetah Girls? To make the vibes even cosier, watch it from a movie projector!

      18. Take Polaroids

      Instax Mini 12 Camera

      Throwing a Galentine's Day party? Here's 20 ideas for celebrating your besties (18)

      Instax Mini 12 Camera

      Go old-school and document the night with a Polaroid cam. It's so fun to see how the photos turn out, and they can double as decor or party favours!

      19. Eat heart-shaped pizza

      Besides being delicious, heart-shaped pizzas look adorbs and aren’t that hard to make. If you wanna get super extra, you can even make lil pepperoni hearts. (But if that doesn’t work out, Domino’s will always have your back.)

      20. Hand out Galentine cards

      Send each of your friends off with a note about why you love ’em so much (the cringier, the better). That’s what this day is all about, remember?


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      Throwing a Galentine's Day party? Here's 20 ideas for celebrating your besties (2024)


      How do you throw a fun Galentines party? ›

      35 Galentine's Day Party Ideas Your Girls Will Absolutely Obsess Over
      1. Get excited about a theme. ...
      2. Arrange your own flowers.
      3. Make fondue.
      4. Plan a "my favorite things" product swap. ...
      5. Pick a signature co*cktail.
      6. Invest in (themed, duh) balloons.
      7. Make personalized goodie bags.
      8. Host an at-home mani-pedi night.
      Feb 9, 2024

      How do you celebrate Galentines day? ›

      This day, as the name suggests, is usually dedicated to honoring friendships between women. You get to spend it however you like with your galentines—by going out, taking a trip, enjoying a cozy night at home, or simply showering each other with gifts and affection the same way you would a partner.

      What to do at a Galentines sleepover? ›

      A perfect occasion for a girls-only sleepover, the checklist includes pajamas, pillow, and blanket, an overnight bag, and a sleep mask. Activities like floral arranging, vision boards, board games, and spa night add to the fun.

      How can I make my party more fun? ›

      Fun Party Ideas For Your Next Bash!
      1. Signature co*cktails are fun and can be hard or soft.
      2. These brats were delish! ...
      3. Offer guests something unique, like an outdoor movie experience.
      4. Games are always a great way to entertain guests, young or old!
      5. Chalk drawing brings the creative out of everyone!

      How do you throw a fun party? ›

      9 Ways To Throw A Successful Party
      1. Create an Enticing Invitation. Your invitations must make an impact! ...
      2. Invite an Interesting Group of Guests. ...
      3. Use Festive Décor. ...
      4. Lighting is Super Important. ...
      5. Create a Lively Playlist. ...
      6. Incorporate Thoughtful Details. ...
      7. Offer Mouthwatering Food. ...
      8. Serve a Mix of co*cktails.
      Jun 1, 2021

      What food is eaten on Galentine's day? ›

      Galentine's brunch ideas
      • Pecan-crusted French toast. French toast is a great choice for a brunch. ...
      • Tomato and feta mini frittatas. Individual frittatas are perfect when serving a brunch for two. ...
      • Juicy baked ham. ...
      • Asparagus with hollandaise sauce. ...
      • Prosciutto-wrapped shrimp with arugula salad. ...
      • Fruit with creamy dip.

      What is a Galentine's day party? ›

      Sure, it might not be an official holiday the way Valentine's Day is, but it's a chance to celebrate the wonderful friendships you have with the women in your life, no matter how happily single, coupled or in-between relationships they may be.

      What is a fun fact about Galentines day? ›

      One of the most interesting things about Galentine's Day is that it wasn't created by a card company or internet marketplace trying to take all your money. Instead, Galentine's Day was founded by a badass fictional character: Leslie Knope of Parks and Recreation.

      What color do you wear on Galentines day? ›

      A pink and red printed dress is the perfect choice for a Galentine's Day celebration. The playful combination of pink and red is both feminine and fun, making it the perfect choice for a day spent with your besties.

      What color is Galentine's day? ›

      Red is definitely the go to color for this day of love. If red is not your gam, don't worry, because I have something for everyone.

      What is the dress code for Galentine's day? ›

      There's obviously no strict dress code for Galentine's Day— it's all about however dressed up or casual your friends want it to be. So whether you're looking for the best pair of sweatpants, or a fun sparkly-skirt outfit, we have some ideas for you.

      What should besties do at a sleepover? ›

      15 Fun Sleepover Games to Play at a Slumber Party
      • Charades. This is a giggle-worthy sleepover game that is an absolute hoot. ...
      • Truth or Dare. ...
      • Hide and Seek. ...
      • A Spin on Spin the Bottle. ...
      • Pillow Fight. ...
      • Balloon Stomp. ...
      • Scavenger Hunt. ...
      • Movie Night Marathon.
      Apr 24, 2023

      What is the guy version of Galentine's day? ›

      Malentine's day is a day for men to meet up and celebrate their amazing friendship.

      What are good sleepover activities? ›

      30 sleepover activities to keep the party going all night long
      • Mani/pedis. ...
      • Make-your-own face masks. ...
      • Make paper fortune tellers/cootie catchers. ...
      • Play "Truth or Dare" ...
      • Take selfies. ...
      • Have an ice cream sundae bar. ...
      • Sing karaoke. ...
      • Have a lip sync contest.
      Nov 6, 2023

      How to host a Galentines day party? ›

      I've rounded up some of my favorite tips for hosting the perfect Galentine's Day get together!
      1. Drink in Style. ...
      2. Decorate Like It's Nobody's Business. ...
      3. Feed Your Girls What They Really Want. ...
      4. Do Dessert Right. ...
      5. Create a Killer Playlist. ...
      6. Make It a Movie Night. ...
      7. Get Your Cozy On.

      What is a Galentines day party? ›

      So glad you did. Falling each year on February 13th—yes, the day before Valentine's Day—Galentine's Day is basically the friendship version of V-Day. It's an unofficially-official holiday that's all about celebrating platonic love and sisterhood between the women (and friends of all genders, really) in your life.

      How to host a Galentines brunch? ›

      For a Galentine's brunch, you can bring food items like cute snacks, desserts (topped with heart sprinkles, of course), healthy meals, drink mixers or mocktails. You can also bring handmade cards or gifts for each of your friends, and of course you have to bring your love!


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