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Funny Valentine’s Party Names (100+ Creative Names) (1)

Love is in the air, and so is the laughter! Get ready for a night of hilarious romance at our ‘Love and Laughter: The Ultimate Funny Valentines Party!’

Grab your funniest pick-up lines and get ready to woo fellow party-goers with your wit, because this Valentine’s Day, we’re bringing the comedy to Cupid.

Funny Valentine’s Party Names (100+ Creative Names) (2)

Funny Valentines Party Names (with Meaning)

1. Cupid’s Crash Course

This one is for the partygoers who are feeling a bit overwhelmed by the holiday. It’s a lighthearted way to express that love is a tricky thing and that even Cupid needs a little help sometimes.

2. Boozy Love Birds

This a fun twist on the classic phrase ‘love birds’. It’s a great Valentine’s Party that has a bit of an adult twist- a good time for those who are ready to have a few drinks but still have a good time.

3. Hearts & Crafts

For the creative souls – this one is perfect for those who are looking to get crafty with their Valentine’s gifts. Have some ready-made projects to get everyone started and maybe a few competitions to get everyone’s competitive juices flowing.

4. Love & Laughter

Another good one for the ‘cheerful’ in your life. This could be used as a lighthearted way to start or end the night.

5. Valentine’s Masquerade

A romantic spin on the classic masquerade party, where you can dress up your loved ones in their finest. Have a fancy-dress contest, give away prizes, or even take photos for a fun gallery of memories for all to enjoy in years to come.

6. Love Notes

Have a special ‘date night’ at home, have some good food, and share the love with letters that your partner will always remember. So that your love will last forever.

7. Wedding Registry

Give your loved one something to use or to enjoy over the coming years. A gift registry is a great way to get everyone involved – from your guests to your partner. You’ll have time to put it together over the next few days, so you don’t need to rush.

8. Love Bump

On Valentines Day, don’t just think about who loves you, why not have a little love bump? Get your friends and family to make a cute bump on your belly. This is the best surprise for them and a sweet reminder of your love.

9. Roses Are Red, Violets Are Blue, & Cupid Is Coming For You

I think this party name would be perfect for a Valentine’s Day party. It combines two classic Valentine’s Day sayings with the idea of Cupid coming to shower you with love. It’s a fun way to get your guests in the spirit of the holiday.

10. Soul Mates & Guacamole

Valentine’s Day celebrations are made even more fun with this party name! It combines the idea of soul mates and the deliciousness of guacamole, making it a fun and unique name. Additionally, it’s a great pun that guests will love.

Funny Valentines Party Names Ideas

Funny Valentine’s Party Names (100+ Creative Names) (3)

1. Hot N’ Heavy Heart Party

2. Kiss & Tell

3. Cupid’s Corner

4. Valentine’s Bash

5. Lovey-Dovey Dance

6. Heart-Palooza

7. Hearts & Hugs

8. Love Is In The Air

9. Love Bug Ball

10. XOXO Party

11. All You Need Is Love

12. Red & Pink Party

13. Sweetheart Social

14. Love Lockdown

15. Cupid’s Craziness

16. Sweet & Silly

17. Heart Attack

18. Date Night Dance

19. Valentine’s Fiesta

20. Love Is All Around

21. Sweet & Spicy

22. Love Fest

23. Crazy For Cupid

24. Romantic Rendezvous

25. Hearts & Flowers

26. Love Is A Battlefield

27. Red & Rose Soiree

28. Valentine’s Vibe

29. Sweetheart Shindig

30. Heartache Hotel

31. Kiss The Night Away

32. One Big Love Party

33. Love Jam

34. Couples Club

35. Love-A-Thon

36. Valentines Attack

37. Adore & More

38. Red Hot Romance

39. Love Is In The Airwaves

40. Love Struck Celebration

Funny Valentines Day Names

1. Cupid McStupid

2. Lover Boy

3. Sweetie Pie

4. Sweet Tart

5. Honey Bun

6. Cutie Cootie

7. Smooch Master

8. Love Bug

9. Sweet Cheeks

10. Smoochie Poo

11. Lovebird

12. Sugar Lips

13. Sugar Babe

14. Valentine Pooh Bear

15. Romeo

16. Romeo & Juliet

17. Lovey Dovey

18. Snuggle Bunny

19. Sweetheart Sweetie

20. Lovely Lady

21. Sweetums

22. Huggable

23. Valentine’s Pie

24. Kissy Face

25. Sweet Thang

26. Lovey-Dovey

27. Snuggle Muffin

28. Suga-Boo

29. Chubby Cheeks

30. Sweetheart Pie

31. Love Puppy

32. Hot Stuff

33. My Love

34. Honey Bunny

35. Sweet Potato

36. Cutie Pie

37. Love Bites

38. Sweetie Pie-Cakes

39. Lovey-dovey Doughnuts

40. Honey-bun Bear

41. Sweet Pea

42. Cuddle Bug

43. Heart-Throb

44. Sugar Babe

45. Valentine Boo

46. Sweet Treat

47. Snuggle Bunny Bear

48. My Heart’s Delight

49. Sugar Puff

50. Sweetums

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Funny Valentine’s Party Names (100+ Creative Names) (2024)


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