Bannock Recipe for the Campfire (2024)

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Bannock Recipe for the Campfire (1)Most things just taste better cooked over an open fire or that perfect bed of coals – Bannock is one of them. I have fond childhood memories of mixing bannock in a camp cook-set pot until it was the perfect consistency, then carefully winding it around an appropriate stick, and finally buttering and eating it. I suspect that more often than not it was still raw in the center, but after a day in the glorious outdoors that didn’t seem to matter.

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Bannock Recipe

This Bannock recipe is simple and the results are tasty as either a savory or sweet campfire bread. It can be wrapped around a stick or fried in a cast iron pan. We used the recipe to make a ‘pocket dog’ using homemade venison sausage as the meat. The meal was finished off with peanut butter and jelly in piping hot bannock.


Makes 5-6 large stick-bannocks

  • 3 cups all-purpose flour
  • 1 teaspoon salt
  • 2 tablespoons baking powder
  • 1/4 cup butter, melted
  • 1 1/4 cups water


Mix all of the ingredients together. Add approximately 1 cup of water first and slowly add the remainder until it is just firm enough to form on a stick. The bannock batter can be less firm if cooking in a frying pan.Bannock Recipe for the Campfire (3)


Stick Method – Spoon up a mid-sized handful of batter. Use lots of flour to keep from sticking to hands while patting it flat and shaping it onto stick. Make sure the edges are well incorporated into each other, or they will separate while baking. Cook 7-10 min over coals until golden brown. Rotate continually to encourage even baking and prevent burning.

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Cast Iron Frying Pan Method – put a few heaping tablespoonfuls of batter in greased frying pan (similar to making a pancake). After it has cooked for a few minutes lift the edge with a flipper to ensure it is not burning. Turn when bottom is golden. Remove from heat once both sides are cooked to your liking.

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  1. Bannock Recipe for the Campfire (9)Judy Porter says

    We have been making bread on a stick for several years, but never knew about your recipe. We used refrigerator buttermilk biscuits in a can. After roasting the bread we put in butter, cinnamon, & cream cheese frosting. Best homemade cinnamon roll!


  2. Bannock Recipe for the Campfire (10)Dave says

    So we’re at our local farmer’s market today (Aug. 5, 2018) and come across bannock reminding my fiancé of her childhood. Knowing how I love to cook she asks me if I would make it for her. No problem, I said, not knowing what I’m getting into I jumped on the google machine and came across your recipe for campfire baked on a stick bannock pocket dog bun.
    Being avid campers I thought this IS the perfect idea!
    You asked what we would fill it with and immediately two thoughts leaped out: shepherd’s pie and I am working on a Yak meatloaf recipe…


    • Bannock Recipe for the Campfire (11)Lowell Strauss says

      Yak! Now that’s different…I’ve never tried that protein before!


  3. Bannock Recipe for the Campfire (12)Art Thomas says

    Hello Lowell, Your bannock recipe is accurate, as I learned about 55 years ago. I enjoy it with jam and/or peanut butter, etc.
    At that time, we were told to pass around a sealer jar of milk to shake and shake and shake; then pass to the next person to shake, etc… until the milk turned to butter. Apparently, this was the original way to make butter for bannock, and was done after the evening milking of your cow(s.)
    I did this procedure once only, as my parents had an ice box, so we had butter ready to go.


  4. Bannock Recipe for the Campfire (13)patty says

    my favorite filling when I made them was jam (strawberry) or have it on weiners


    • Bannock Recipe for the Campfire (14)Lowell says

      Thanks for sharing your favorites Patty. It’s a versatile food – sweet or savory. Delicious anyway you serve it!



  1. […] read earlier about cooking breadsticks over a campfire, so had made up a ziploc of dry mix at home and added the liquids at the campsite. They were tricky […]


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Bannock Recipe for the Campfire (2024)


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