12 Awesome Daycare Teacher Gifts (2024)

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Do you need a fantastic gift for your child’s daycare teacher? Your child’s teacher is likely one of the most influential people in their lives, and getting them a token of appreciation is a wonderful way to end the year – but how do you choose an appropriate gift? Maybe you’re looking for a great Christmas present, birthday gift, or just something to say that you appreciate their work. We have you covered.

There are some fantastic gifts for teachers out there, including things like personalized lamps, purses, tumblers, mugs, necklaces, and more. Choosing a gift that suits the teacher is one of the best ways to say thanks, so let’s check out some of the top items that you might pick.

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In this article, we’ll go through all the best gifts you can pick for the important teacher in your child’s life. These are memorable, practical, thoughtful, and funny gifts, so no matter what you want to convey, you’ll find it here.

Let’s get started with one of my favorites.

1. Big Hearts Tumbler

12 Awesome Daycare Teacher Gifts (1)

Do you want a gift that is both meaningful and funny? ThisBig Hearts Tumblerchecks both boxes, with a sweet phrase on the front talking about how warm and kind daycare teachers have to be in order to be effective at their jobs.

On the back, the tumbler lists the “nutritional facts” of a teacher and offers a whole range of compliments, including things like 500 percent passion and 1000 percent hardworking.

It’s a great way to recognize what your daycare teacher does for your child, and the sacrifices they make.

It’s also a practical gift they can use and enjoy daily.

2. Pencil Case

12 Awesome Daycare Teacher Gifts (2)

I really think this is a great gift for any daycare teacher or teacher alike.

A teacher can never have too many pencil cases for organizing all their equipment in, and thisPencil Pouchoffers that same, sweet message about having a big heart.

It also has a cute, lopsided heart emblazoned on the front to reinforce the message, and it’s a high-quality gift that the teacher will love.

Whether they use it for pencils, makeup, treats, or something else, they will find this is a gift that keeps on giving, and it’s perfect for the practical, organized daycare teacher.

It’s also large enough to hold plenty of things, which is always a plus for the busy teacher.

3. Thermal Mug

12 Awesome Daycare Teacher Gifts (3)

If you liked the sentiment behind the first mug but don’t feel you know your child’s teacher well enough to joke around with their “nutritional makeup,” you might prefer thisThermal Mug. It offers the same thoughts about being big-hearted, wrapped around a cute rainbow on the front.

It’s also got the advantage of being a thermal mug, so if the teacher in question is struggling to find a minute to snatch a sip of their coffee (which is a pretty likely scenario), this will keep it hot for them.

It will retain warmth for as much as 9 hours, which is perfect for a teacher who is always on the go.

It’s got a splash-proof lid, and it’s also dishwasher safe, making it an ideal gift for any teacher who enjoys hot drinks.

4. Funny Socks

12 Awesome Daycare Teacher Gifts (4)

You can never have enough socks, and if you want to appreciate your teacher through footwear, theseFunny Teacher Socksare ideal. They are sweet and entertaining, and the teacher might enjoy showing them off to next year’s classes – like a stamp of approval from their previous group of students.

Perfect for men or women, they are 85 percent cotton, so they should be comfortable and breathable for wearing all day. They are bound to become the teacher’s favorite pair, so maybe consider getting two sets to ensure they always have something fun to put on their feet.

5. Funny T-Shirt

12 Awesome Daycare Teacher Gifts (5)

If you like the socks, but you’d rather give a bigger gift, thisI Chase Toddlers T-Shirtis cute, funny, and very practical.

It is also unique and changes from some of the more standard gifts, with its sweet message indicating just how difficult a teacher’s job is.

It comes in a variety of colors and both men’s and women’s styles, so you can get the perfect present for your teacher. They will enjoy wearing it, and it creates a rapport with the parents. With 100 percent cotton fabric (depending on your chosen color), it’s also high quality and comfortable.

6. Flowerpot

12 Awesome Daycare Teacher Gifts (6)

Does your child’s daycare teacher love gardening? Do they have plants all over the classroom, but with room for just one more?

This adorablePersonalized Flowerpotcould be the ultimate gift for them. It lets you add a picture so you can memorialize your child or the whole class and has that same sweet sentiment across the middle.

Whenever the teacher tends to the plant in this pot, they’ll think of your child and smile. This unique present is perfect for the right educator, and it comes with adhesive pads to stick the photos in place, plus everything else you could need.

7. Soy Candle

12 Awesome Daycare Teacher Gifts (7)

Some people love candles, and if that’s the case for your child’s daycare teacher, they probably can’t get enough!

This lovelySoy Candlehas a sweet but simple message about how good the teacher is, and it comes in a neat jar with its own lid to make it as convenient and compact as possible.

It is infused with lavender oil, which is known for helping with relaxation, so it’s a wonderful present for the end of the year, when the teacher wants to relax and make the most of their free time.

It’s also 100 percent soy wax, so you don’t need to worry about parabens.

8. Tiny Humans Notebook

12 Awesome Daycare Teacher Gifts (8)

If there’s one thing your daycare teacher probably always needs, it’s notebooks. Notebooks are amazing for keeping track of appointments, lists, notes, and anything else, and they’ll never be entirely replaced by smartphones and computers. If you notice your child’s daycare teacher is always scribbling, thisTiny Humans Notebookis the perfect gift.

The message on the front is funny and a firm reminder of just how important the teacher’s job is, and with its bold lettering and bright colors, it’s perfect for a daycare teacher. It has 120 pages of high-quality lined paper, ready for a year of scribbling away.

9. Teacher Keychain

12 Awesome Daycare Teacher Gifts (9)

Although the message about having a big heart is very lovely, you might want to say something a bit different to your daycare teacher – and if so, thisTeacher Keychainis an ideal way to do it.

It reminds us of all the important things teachers do, including guiding the child, showing them the world, teaching them kindness, and – ultimately – shaping the next generation.

Teachers are crucial to a child’s growth and development; this keychain is a firm reminder of their importance.

You can personalize it with the teacher’s initial, ensuring that they consider your child every time they take out their keys. What a lovely, memorable gift to give!

10. Personalized T-Shirt

12 Awesome Daycare Teacher Gifts (10)

If you know a daycare teacher who is beyond dedicated to their kids, you might love thisPersonalized T-Shirt, which lets you emblazon your teacher’s name on the front of the shirt.

It shows the relationship immediately by talking about the teacher’s “favorite people,” and it’s perfect for the teacher to wear on the first day of term – or any other day.

It has the added benefit of helping new students learn the teacher’s name, giving parents a hint too, and ensuring that everyone knows just how much that teacher loves their students. It also comes in a range of sizes and colors, so it’s perfect for everyone.

11. Chaos Mug

12 Awesome Daycare Teacher Gifts (11)

For those daycare teachers who would appreciate an inside joke, thisChaos Coordinator Mugcould be ideal. It has a biting sense of humor that mimics the idea of a professional in a swish office – and shows that the teacher’s job is just as challenging and worthwhile.

The mug is sleek and black, and it’s an ideal way to express your admiration for the work your child’s daycare teacher does each day.

12. Personalized Jigsaw Piece

12 Awesome Daycare Teacher Gifts (12)

If you’re looking for something that will come directly from your child to their teacher and remind them every day of the impact they made, thisPersonalized Jigsaw Ornamentmight be the best option out there.

Engraved with the teacher’s name, your child’s name, the year they left daycare, and a sweet message, this is one of the best ways to tell a teacher just what they have meant and how important they were.

It’s perfect for hanging on a Christmas tree or putting up in a classroom, and it ensures your child will never be forgotten by their favorite educator, no matter how much time passes.


Finding the perfect gift for a teacher can be challenging, but hopefully, our top 12 best daycare teacher gifts have given you some thoughts.

Teachers are constantly under-recognized, and yet they are an extraordinarily large part of shaping your child’s future – so these gifts will offer you an opportunity to show them the gratitude they deserve.

12 Awesome Daycare Teacher Gifts (2024)


What are good gifts for daycare workers? ›

Gift cards for coffee (think Starbucks or Dunkin Donuts) tend to be popular and those make sense in smaller denominations. Other thoughtful gift card possibilities include: A local restaurant. A gift certificate for a massage or other spa service.

How do you show appreciation to daycare teachers? ›

  1. Give handmade notes and artwork from children.
  2. Host an awards day where every teacher wins a trophy for something special they bring to the program.
  3. Send a personal, handwritten note to each teacher sharing what you appreciate about them.
  4. Put together a book with thank you notes from each child.
Apr 19, 2024

What is the greatest gift to a teacher? ›

Most Appreciated Teacher Gift: Thank-You Notes

“The heartfelt words written by students convey deep appreciation and warmth, which makes me feel truly valued and encouraged.” In fact, most teachers we surveyed say they appreciate a handwritten thank-you note over just about anything else.

What is an appropriate gift card amount for daycare teacher? ›

Usually I aim for about $15. I only gift to my sons main teacher or else it becomes too much. At daycare when I had one I did a bigger gift to the main teachers of the room and something like a card and hand cream to the other teachers. Now with multiple kids I just give them all a small gift.


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